3 Simple Decisions & No Fushing!

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3 Simple Decisions & No Fushing! 

The experience of Enoughness speaks to a life of peak fulfillment and full creative expression. It speaks to a life of success. And having choices for informed decision-making is an important practice to encourage your experience of Enoughness. And so is No Fushing, but let’s get to that later.

Three Choices.

One of my first success mentors, Oscar G, gave me a simple list of choices or decisions to apply to almost any conflict situation. He was relentless in going back to only these choices anytime I ran into an obstacle or challenge personally or professionally. I resisted it at first. I didn’t like to feel limited. But eventually I felt liberated and enjoyed the simplicity, clarity and empowerment of having only three choices.

  • Change it
  • Accept it
  • Leave it. 

For example, if you’re relationship isn’t working, you can choose to change it, accept it or leave it. You can change it by bringing it up with your mate, asking for the change and take it from there. If that doesn’t work, you can choose to accept it and feel a sense of completion and progress that you consciously chose acceptance. And finally, if neither of these options works, you can choose to leave it or let it go. These choices encourage and inform you in order to feel empowered in your life.

No Fushing!
“If you want to move fast, go slow.” –Lao Tzu
No forcing, pushing, or rushing when it comes to fully developing your life of Enoughness! Neurologists, scientists, and spiritual teachers alike confirm that intuition is one of your finest tools for achieving intelligent, creative, and successful living. And your inner compass for true deep fulfillment, your intuition, is at its best when you’re not stressed, tense or rushed.
Rushing kills intuition. You can very quickly get used to being in the ‘rush mode’. Eventually, it may even feel ‘normal.’ Even if you’re simply going to do something recreational, if you somehow fall behind or are running late, the tendency is to rush and push to get there. Rushing, pushing and forcing also delays and destroys fun!
When you force, rush and push, you can’t really enjoy the process. You become outcome-oriented and literally lose the enjoyment of a major part of your life – the actual process! You’re not fully present, poised, OR at ease. Presence and ease are where you can experience the most fun, intuitive inspiration and solutions. The push and rush quickly becomes habit and soon envelops your entire way of being. 
Aim to let go of forcing, pushing, and rushing altogether. Engage better planning and move with mindfulness, doing one thing at a time and taking your time. Practice it and make it the new habit. It doesn’t have to be perfect. Add it in to your daily action-items as a reminder and see how it naturally improves your time management. You’ll still be as productive, creative and efficient as you want to be. Yet No Fushing will help you get the most out of your intelligence, your intuition and your life.
No fushing!

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