The Enoughness Experience

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The Enoughness Experience

Enoughness is a personal equilibrium, a desired experience.

We have many desirable and undesirable feelings throughout a day and from experience to experience. If you can learn to create, plant and focus on your personal equilibrium – consistently – all else will eventually bend to it. Or not. If not, let it go when it gets too much and return to the simplicity and ease you intend. Stick with the equilibrium, the feeling you intend inside until it matches outside. That’s essentially the experience of Enoughness.

That takes time. If the two don’t match at any point though, don’t force it. Let go of the outer aspect and stay true to the inner chosen experience. Each time you do this, you’ll be strengthening your ability to create and live in your chosen experience as well as strengthening the claim to it. Or, leave the internal chosen feeling when the outside seems to get too stressful and pull at you too much.

And each time you stay with the feeling you strengthen it. Each time you leave it, you weaken it. It’s that simple.

Leaving the intended feeling means you’re at the whim of undesirable feelings on a daily basis. There is of course always a place for things like sadness and stress but when it becomes a way of life, the undesirable feelings win and become not a temporary and even sacred experience but a constant negative and destructive one.

Learn to find your feeling of equilibrium, contain it and take care of it like it was your child. It will soon replace the misaligned, previously learned default way of being overly dependent on outer circumstances to define you. Rather than a default, you’ll be living a chosen and fulfilling life.

Fulfillment is the aim of Enoughness.

You don’t need a thermometer to tell you when you’ve eaten enough and you don’t need a magazine to tell you what fulfillment feels like.

It’s up to you.

You may only need to be reminded to pay attention to that chosen feeling, that equilibrium, that Enoughness within you.

The external, temporary, material world has pulled off the robbery of a lifetime.

It has convinced us that our nature, our eternal internal nature, seems less valuable and important than our material nature. It tells us that the form is more important than the energy that created it. While they’re both important, the priority ought to be first realizing that the inner most valiantly creates the outer and not the other way around.

The power to create a chosen life is not far away but right inside a chosen feeling. It takes time and effort. I’m not trying to simplify it, just clarify it. It can become very natural once practiced.  

If we don’t see this, we become slaves to the material world and to those who have learned how to manipulate it best. This kind of temporary externalized satisfaction will always and eventually fail you.

Through the practice of matching feeling and circumstance, you will become your own master. Imagine a world where everyone has become his or her own master. How peace-filled, exciting, alive, creative, collaborative, powerful and fulfilling!

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