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“This manuscript is engaging. It’s a valuable tool for helping people make a positive shift in their worldviews and their overall quality of life. Especially fine is the clear description of what Enoughness is through an almost conversational tone and numerous examples almost anyone can relate to. There are also clearly organized steps and actions the reader can take to realize this change in themselves. It’s both practical and holistic.

What keeps this together is, of course, the authors’ story. And he doesn’t let us down by starting with engaging personal experiences, only to abandon us later to beaver away without him. He remains steady as a guide who knows the territory. This manuscript emanates truth and inspiration. He may be the next Wayne Dyer. It has all the right stuff for taking you to the next level.” 

Julie Deife – Editor in Chief at International Association of Yoga Therapists and founding publisher/Editor in Chief at LAYOGA Magazine

“This book gives you the tools you need to succeed! As human beings, we face the fear of ‘being enough’ on a day to day basis, whether it’s in work, or our personal lives. It’s a struggle, but this gives hope to a growing problem. I can’t wait for the world to read it!”

Alexandra Shipp – Actress (X-Men Apocalypse)


Enoughness is an endearing story, memoir and meditation on facing the dark heart of desperation and the subsequent redemption of Self. A violent knifepoint attack at 11 years old, a run in with the Bangkok Mafia, and a breakdown/breakthrough at 2am in a Los Angeles city park all contribute to the author’s life changing epiphany. Enoughness is described as a new kind of happiness, knowing your inherent value, finding unprecedented fulfillment and living a fully expressed life.

Jason eloquently describes his downfall into depression during his pursuit to become an actor in Hollywood and NYC. After 10 years and scant success, emotionally, financially and spiritually broke, he had a breakdown/breakthrough in a Los Angeles city park at 2am. This epiphany saved his life, showing him his own inherent value, deep peace and inner fulfillment independent of any circumstance. Though it was fleeting, the moment lasted long enough to change the very course of his life.

It’s an inside job this fulfillment thing. And it begins with finding Enoughness.