Enoughness – An Introduction

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An Introduction to Enoughness

(From the book on Enoughness. Click here to purchase.)

I had an unusual experience in my early thirties. It was the first glimpse of what I eventually named Enoughness. In this experience, there was a spontaneous and complete relief of the stifling emotional and mental pain that was slowly killing me and bringing me to the brink of suicide. It was a perfect moment.

Only moments before, I couldn’t see any other way than to snub it all out and take my own life. Obviously, it’s not fun when your self-esteem, self-respect, self-love, self-expression, self-understanding and the like, goes that low. Welcome to the dregs of depression. However, nature can prove that you can only go so low before there’s an inevitable upward (and outward) change, transition or turn-around.

I began to feel like I could be someone very different than I’d been for many years. If I were going to live, then I wanted to live in a world where being deeply fulfilled, genuinely empowered with a voice of my own, being fully and creatively expressed with something of real and unique value to offer, were measures for success. I wanted to live in a world where these things were a truer recipe for success rather than just working to attain ‘things’ like money and material power.

Even before this brief epiphany, I knew it wasn’t just me but that so many were also feeling stifled and suffocated by feelings of self-loathing, inferiority, inadequacy, stagnant creativity, chronic dissatisfaction and the like. These were feelings that seemed to drive me to work for and excel in someone else’s version of life while being unconsciously out of touch and deeply dissatisfied with my own. Can you relate?

For me, this very alive feeling I was having was almost the opposite of where I had just been living moments before. It felt like a new choice with a fuller path and life, albeit a spontaneous one initially! I wondered then if I could really heal up and actually live a very different life than what I’d known? I certainly wanted to. I wondered how many others that felt like me had been given a chance to be renewed?

I wasn’t sure what it meant at the time or how to take action on it. After all, for quite awhile after the experience, life was pretty much the same. I was basically still unhappy, unfulfilled, in pain and missing something that I could never quite put my finger on. I was still very much experiencing life from an overwhelming sense of fear and chronic not-enoughness.

Yet something inside had been permanently shifted. Even without a clear direction or way to embody it in my daily life, deep optimism and faith was gently being restored. Most importantly, a more solid belief in myself was beginning to coming to life.

Years later I began to revisit the experience, seeking to find ways to live in this pure state of being more permanently. Now I’m constantly learning more about how to conjure, invoke and repeat what was then merely spontaneous. I’m learning to live from the state of Enoughness altogether. I’m learning the simple and strengthening process of letting go and starting again, every day.

It’s easy to realize that it helps to have the right compass and the trusted measure to be guided into living from Enoughness in the first place. It’s up to the individual to fix the faulty compass within that has heretofore driven them to live a life that is not really their own, living to and from the unnecessary limitations of a learned sense of not-enoughness. These faulty influences are not easy to see since they’re gathered early and over years of misdirection and mis-education.

Yet once discovered, you can begin to let go of the faulty compass in exchange for the one that fits your true heart and fulfillment. Only with this commitment, integrity and of course the true enjoyment of the process, can the message of Enoughness have the highest quality benefit to your life and mine.

And so, I write about Enoughness, sit with it and live with it. I find it and lose it again. And many times, it finds me. I go inside with my attention as much or more than I go outside with it. I sit in it, consciously and repeatedly and let it absorb into my whole life experience, inside and out. And then I share my experience along the way, and provide a conversation for others join.

To do that, my story is important to share only in as much as it relates to so many other human stories. (And it helps me remember who I am). And in that relation, you and I can be made stronger, more courageous and faithful in order to live and share full, whole and flourishing lives. The lives we’re given and meant to live

The experience I had that made what came to be known as Enoughness real for me, brought relief and renewed promise. It was like turning on a light inside where before there was only darkness. It was the proverbial light that showed the way. And I followed it.

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