Enoughness – Trending Toward Success

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Enoughness – Trending Toward Success

“Rise like lions after slumber / in unvanquishable number / shake your chains to earth like dew / which in sleep had befallen you / ye are many, they are few.” -Percy Shelley (1800’s English Romantic Poet)

There’s a great quote from Steven Pinker who writes the blog for the Chipotle Mexican Grille restaurant. Pinker says

“It’s easy to get discouraged by the ceaseless news of violence, poverty, and disease. But the news presents a distorted view of the world. News is about things that happen, not things that don’t happen.”

The article goes on to say that there’s another story that’s not exactly being shared and definitely not being emphasized that’s actually trending toward a successful human story.

“Violent crime has fallen by half since 1992, and fiftyfold since the Middle Ages.Over the past 60 years the number of wars and number of people killed in wars have plummeted. Worldwide, fewer babies die, more children go to school, more people live in democracies, more can afford luxuries, fewer get sick, and more live to old age…Problems that look hopeless may not be; human ingenuity can chip away at them. We will never have a perfect world, but it’s not romantic or naïve to work toward a better one.” -Steven Pinker

I love it! “We will never have a perfect world but it’s not romantic or naive to work toward a better one.” It’s clear in Pinker’s article that the trend of human progress, including fulfillment, artfulness and wellness is positive and more inclusive than ever before. Becoming aware of this positive progress from a wider vision provides hope and possibility for a more holistic success.

Most news is motivated by fear, negativity and the possibility of pain. Fear, pain and not-enoughness have become overused and glorified. It’s there mainly to scare people and stimulate economies rather than actually provide a source and support for true human fulfillment, inspiration and progress.

Broadcasting fear subtly invites people to feel like they constantly need more in order to have or feel enough.

I believe there’s a serious calling for Enoughness, and its’ related qualities, to be a truer source of motivation in the human experience. This calling is coming from both ends of the human evolution and wellness spectrum.

There’s the wealthy-in-cash, poor-in-spirit, extremely productive “externalists” and there’s the cash-poor, heart-full, fundamentally experiential “internalists”. It’s coming from housewives/husbands, corporate workers, business leaders, artists, actors, teachers, men, women and children.

Individuals at each end of the economic spectrum, and those in between, seem to be aware of a need to find a more fitting experience of success. They want a feeling, a balance and a source to return to in order to build a truly flourishing human life from the inside out, by their own design.

That’s why it’s important to be reminded to go within to find your own measure of fulfillment and the power to create a flourishing life.

A good friend and colleague who works in the social media/social change movement, aptly described the world we live in today – we live in a culture of scarcity and constant competition. This is a tough combination for experiencing fulfillment. While we want inner peace and fulfillment, we are also hyper-driven to be productive.

Many of us feel as though we can never slow down and live the fulfilled life we’re intending to live. Slowing down means death. That’s obviously not true. On the other hand, if you’re going too fast in an unwanted direction, you can either slow down or eventually crash.

Once you slow down you can find your wanted direction and the pace you’ll need to take to enjoy the ride and fulfill your responsibilities.

So many people are over-scheduled, over-tired, and over-stressed. It’s becoming a norm. There’s very little room for the deep fulfillment, creativity and connection for which the human soul is calling. Instead, there’s a lot of rushing and running without the ability, time or energy to integrate and enjoy all that’s happening.

There’s less and less time or support to integrate ones’ experience and actions and more and more push to compete, produce and always be in action.

Being insanely busy has become the unfortunate measure of worth for an individual, family, business, economy, or country. And striving toward “more” has become a false measure of valor.

Accumulating, consuming and otherwise contributing to the ‘marketplace’ seems to have more attention and motivation than ever before in human history. The market value has trumped individual value. Yet it takes individuals to create a market, not the other way around. The market was created to serve you, not the other way around.

While it’s healthy for your evolution to build something outside yourself, it’s absolutely vitally healthy to be connected to your inner self. This means you can always be included in the gain, the success and the fulfillment of progress.

Enoughness is meant to provide an oasis in the desert of not-enoughness and a beacon in the chaos of more-ness.

Enoughness seeks to offer an intentional life experience with time to process as well as produce. Enoughness seeks to offer a life experience that includes the pure enjoyment of being as well as doing.

This doesn’t mean laziness. Think dynamic, creative, productive contentment rather than discontentment, common complacency, forever feeling less-than and constantly striving for more. Think motivating satisfaction rather than an obsessively driven and all-consuming dissatisfaction.

The time to make what might be a fundamental shift in your source of motivation is now. This wanted transition is sacred, truly necessary and must not be mistaken for laziness or being unaccountable to your responsibilities in life.

Enoughness points to a real, motivating peace that already exists within you. Yet to bring it and keep it alive, you’ve got to choose it.

When you do this, you can take on the many faces of an ever-changing life with gusto, engagement, flexibility, and creative flare.

Higher faculties become clear, such as intuition, creativity, knowing when to embrace and when to let go or when to take action and when to be still. It asks you to look around, look inside and discover that the truer, more natural measure for fulfillment and success is as much inside as it is outside of you. The hope of Enoughness is the fullest experience of life, inside and out.

This is the message that’s most alive and trending today!

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