Most Valuable Commodity: Attention

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Most Valuable Commodity: ATTENTION 

Attention is one of the (if not the most) valuable human commodity. (See Elena Brower: The Art of Attention) And it’s your attention that will help you purposefully conjure and capture Enoughness over and over.

Do you “own” your attention or does someone or something else? A good way to measure whether or not you’re wisely spending your attention is to ask yourself, does this makes me happy? Does it add energy or take it away from my life? Does it make me feel assured, strong and capable?

If you want to live a new level of fulfillment across the board in your life, these are important questions to answer. If you’re answer is yes, keep it up. If not, claim your attention back and stop giving it to that person, TV show, video game, social media or terrible radio stations! Don’t sell yourself, or your attention, for such a cost.

Enoughness is knowing your level of personal peace as well as knowing when you’re full (which is where we love to be, living a full life). It requires being able to harness your attention (that’s where the practice of Enoughness or The Art of Attention comes in). This allows you to be in alignment with your peace and prioritize true fulfillment in life and work. This is positive motivation.

Some folks might see not-enoughness and dissatisfaction as a driver, a source of “motivation”. (Not-enoughness in this context means to never feel fulfilled yet always be seeking it). I agree. It’s definitely a driver! Yet it just doesn’t make sense. And it rarely actually results in the actual thing it’s seeking – the fulfillment, joy, creativity or lasting well being.

It’s really just a waste of time, energy and…attention.

Enoughness. Try it on. If it doesn’t fit, ever, return it. You can easily go back to the way it was –> living with always too much or too little and never tasting real fulfillment. If you can’t taste it, how do you know what to order at the restaurant of life experiences? If you can’t recognize real fulfillment in yourself, how can you repeat it much less achieve it?

Your attention is your recognition muscle. Use it wisely.

And be open to letting go of negative motivation. Especially when there are other forms of motivation such as living FROM fulfillment, from Enoughness. Just try it on. I’m sure it’ll be just the right fit.

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