Trading Enoughness for Inferiority

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Trading Enoughness for Inferiority

With Enoughness, it’s possible to tip the point where you’re no longer stopped, stuck or stagnated by feelings of inferiority. You can trade the experience of inferiority for Enoughness. Focus. Remember your lion heart. Live strong. Colorfully.

Adversity is inevitable in life. And having an inferiority complex means lots of adversity. Inferiority seems to attract adversities like ridicule, rejection and lonliness. Yet adversities, when broken through, tend to create some of the most successful and resourceful human beings alive. They realize they’re not defined by one quality. At some point, they decide to live from their weakness until it becomes their strength. 

I’m learning to break through feelings of inferiority (weakness) and into this newfound, developed experience of Enoughness (strength). Daily. I’ve realized it’s a choice. However long it takes, at some point, all you need to do is choose which experience you want to engage. And you can do that with courage, support and with the help of being given a solid choice like Enoughness.

I had a crippling self-esteem for many years. Born with it. Shy shy shy. Didn’t talk until I was 14. Exaggerating. Slightly.

And among other things, I experienced a violent attack at age 11 at knifepoint by a sick man looking to take advantage of a young boy. He tackled me to the ground, sat on my chest and threatened to kill me with a rusty knife blade to my throat. He wanted to rob me of my power, my innocense. And my young sexuality. Punch.

Before he could go too far, I screamed out “my mom died yesterday!”

He stopped in his tracks. He told me I was crazy and suddenly ran off. Whatever it meant, that statement stopped him. Yet the damage was done. I felt powerless to my core. I felt robbed that I didn’t have the choice or chance to fight back. I felt ashamed, confused, incapable and very very angry.

Then I stuffed it all in. Didn’t know what else to do. Didn’t know I had a choice. Inferiority and crippled esteem tends to not express but suppress. Choices didn’t seem available with inferiority. Now they are. And I’m sharing one with you.

Keep in mind that feelings of inferiority feed on powerlessness. You’ve got to learn to use your choice-ability to reject lingering feelings of powerlessness. The disempowerment I felt grew for years even though the actual disempowering experience was done. I eventually caught on and demanded another way to live. Then I found Enoughness.

I’d say these feelings of inadequacy and powerlessness actually led me to the rewarding experience of Enoughness. I might not have had the intense desire to find a different life if those feelings hadn’t purged me of my patience for seeming powerlessness. I appreciate having a choice in a way I might not have without those feelings of inferiority. And it lead to the ability to finally think for myself and stand on my own two renovated beliefs – that living a life of Enoughness means remembering my inherent worth and value independent of circumstance. And the right to have a fully empowered and fully expressed life. 

Bob Marley said it well: “None but ourselves can free our minds!”

Inferiority, I’ve realized, is simply a choice. As is Enoughness. The choice – can free your mind.

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