The Promise of Enoughness

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The Promise of Enoughness

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There’s something that’s good to hear at any age, from any background and in any situation. It’s the promise of Enoughness.

Perhaps for too long you’ve been the ‘child’ waiting, longing – alone and in the dark – as if a ‘parent’ of yours has long been missing. When they finally do return, as was the promise, they look at you and say…


You are enough.

Right here and right now,

you, as you are,

as you have been since hour one,

are enough.


You are enough for a full and flourishing life.

Live now the way you have always wanted to live

if only you believed in yourself.

Now is the time to believe.


Take no more luxury in doubt,

waste no more time in confusion.

Hold nothing back.

Come fully forward now into your life.


Enoughness is your return to innocence.

It is the return to your true and natural strength,

no matter your history or circumstance.

It is your birthright to a full and flourishing life.


Enoughness is the pre-existing elixir running through your veins.

It is the heat and the blood that beats true in your heart.

Feel it now. Live it now.


Let Enoughness resound within you.

Let it fill every crack and crevice.

Let it be like the rippling rings of a stone dropped in still water

reaching across to touch every inch of the surrounding shore.


Now stand fast.

Enoughness is not merely a soft state of survival.

It is not a lazy complacency or a partial recovery from defeat.

Enoughness is not a presumptuous, pretentious, easy assumption

to be frivolously spoken but never truly lived.


Enoughness is yours,

yet you must reach with courage into your heart,

stand your feet strong on the earth

and rightly claim it for yourself.


This is not an end.

Enoughness is always and forever more

a beginning. Your beginning.


Like the acorn that becomes the oak,

the under dog that becomes the dark horse,

the caterpillar, the butterfly ~

let Enoughness be the nudge that cracks open your chysilas

to fully spread your wings and fly.


Feel this pure and natural strength within you now

like the fiber and muscle of the earths’ cosmic tissue

and the suns undying brilliance.

Wield it with grace ~ not force.


Remember this call.

Remember what it FEELS like to be truly ALIVE.

And always always always – remember your Enoughness.


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