True Confidence: The Fall & Subsequent Rise of Self (Obama)

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True Confidence: The Fall & Subsequent Rise of Self (Obama)

Do you know where your faith is coming from? In this article, connection is the answer. But connection to what, or whom?

In his book, Dreams of My Father, President Barrack Obama summarizes the source of faith and confidence for a group of ministers:

“The fall and subsequent rise of SelfThe striking of bottom, the shattering of pride. And then finally the resurrection of self; the self alloyed to something larger. That was the source of their confidence; their personal fall and their subsequent redemption. It was what gave them the authority to preach the good news.”

Hitting rock bottom is one kind of genuine awakening. I’ve experienced it and seen many others do the same. It’s a painful yet beautiful thing to hear about and experience. It’s a sort of reminder, a rude yet needed awakening, that you’re not alone but connected always to something greater than yourselves. What a relief! What a confidence builder!

To realize you’re “alloyed to something larger” is extremely empowering as well as sweetly comforting. It grants you the strength, intelligence and energy to live a confident life. And eventually, when you fully realize this connection, this confidence, you’ll have the natural will and desire to want to be of service not just to your own well-being, but to others and something larger as well.

I suppose that’s why the President of the United States, in service to his massive and elected responsibility, relates to this kind of confidence. You have to be confident to be connected and connected to be confident.

But you don’t have to be President of the United States. You can be you.

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